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craft    tradition    taste


Artisan New Mexico Flavor... in Oregon

We source select, authentic ingredients from New Mexico farms


combine them with local Oregon produce from the Willamette Valley

to create

a fresh and unique take on traditional Southwest Cuisine

It's More than just a Burrito!

ZIA Southwest Cuisine

Our family's roots grow deep into the mountain villages of Northern New Mexico, a unique crossroads of Spanish, European and Native American cultures that generated a distinct cuisine featuring traditional Latin flavors and emphasizing local Native ingredients and cooking methods.

ZIA is elevating the craft and taste of traditional New Mexican cuisine, combining it with local Oregon produce to create a new Southwest-Northwest fusion rooted in tradition and proudly featuring local flavors.

your southwest

in the Northwest

ZIA Southwest Cuisine is presented to the local community at the Corvallis Farmers' Market and the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market.

You can also find us at many of the arts, community and music festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. Connect with ZIA to stay up-to-date!