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southwest-northwest fusion

The Best of Both Worlds

Flavor is more than just the smells and tastes of great home cooking. To us at ZIA, flavor is a sense of place, family and community that binds us to the land we live in, the communities that support us, and the friends and families we love.

That's why ZIA has worked hard to develop and craft a cuisine that combines the flavors of where we came from with the flavors of our local community to honor both our traditional heritage and our adopted home.

When friends, families and communities support and love one another, we can accomplish magical things. And to us at ZIA, it all starts with a great meal that brings us together!


of a Burrito

Just a burrito, right? Well, then you haven't had a ZIA burrito!

ZIA burritos start with a warm, homemade flour tortilla built from our traditional family recipe and hand-grilled on cast iron.

Our burritos are hand-crafted using fresh Willamette Valley produce, including traditional vegetarian and meat options, and layered with skillet-roasted potatoes, diced red tomatoes and aged cheddar cheese.

Finally, we source authentic chilis from Hatch, New Mexico, slow-roasted and cooked into either our smoky red sauce or our bright and spicy green sauce, leaving you to answer the question, "red or green?" ... or both!