The ZIA tradition started in Embudo, New Mexico, a tiny mountain village nestled at the confluence of the Rio Embudo and the Rio Grande. Life was close to the land and linked to the rich flavors of distinctly-regional Latin and Native American foods.

The cornerstones of New Mexican cuisine are warm flatbreads married to fresh, local produce and smothered in a generous helping of signature New Mexican chili. The love of this unique cuisine provided the tastes and smells that brought families and communities together around the dinner table, instilling a sense of pride in the craft of family cooking and a connection to the local environment. 



The ZIA family moved from New Mexico to Corvallis, Oregon in 1998 and quickly put down new roots. We've seen our kids graduate from Corvallis High School and from Oregon State University, going on to work for local businesses and community organizations while starting their own families.


We've worked with local farmers and chefs to fuse the unique flavors of Willamette Valley produce with the signature flatbreads and chilis forming the core of New Mexican cuisine. We think the result is a new and vibrant take on an old tradition that is true to the values of family, community and fresh, soulful flavors running deep through the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest.

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